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Forced Human Toilet Stories

the obama administration has changed the top-down approach to chemical regulation to the more familiar bottom-up approach. the epa is required to base decisions on analyses of the risks and benefits to human health of chemicals used in public buildings, and those used in private and public construction.

forced human toilet stories

indoor building air quality is less regulated than outdoor air quality. this means that building structures and materials can be designed to be healthier than the air in the outside environment. this is particularly true for residences and offices. buildings contain a much higher concentration of natural and manmade chemicals than the air outside.

subsidizing clean energy is like subsidizing drugs for children. natural gas is already a cheap fuel for power generation, and fracking can also be done at considerably lower costs than almost anything else. one financial analysis using multiple energy pricing scenarios puts the societal costs of replacing natural gas with wind turbines at about $1 per watt in a generation of electricity, and $0.04 per watt by mid-century. wind power is, of course, intermittent and not always available. but in the northeast there is a very substantial amount of wind available, and in some places, like texas, it is the perfect source of power. the amount of wind available from across the us can be seen on our main page on energy company wind map , powered by the doe energy information administration .

another problem with a gas forced air heating system is that any leaks from your boiler which leak directly into your home can be a fire hazard. this may be minimized by installing a carbon monoxide monitoring system.


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