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The Legacy of Barcelona: Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé's Musical Gift to the World

i have always admired montserrat caballe. i know that she has a very distinctive sound, but also, because of her voice, a great range. i wanted to sing with her on a track, after all, freddie and i had been through so much together. as it happened, she asked me if i would sing with her on barcelona. and in the end, it was agreed that i should sing with her on the whole album. i thought it was very brave of her, and not that it mattered, because im not the sort of person who worries about what people think. i feel that i must not step on any of freddies toes. im much more concerned with making music. i like to think that we brought something to the table that was different, although i cant really say that. i was very pleased with the album, i thought it was a really good album, and i still think it is a good album. montserrat is a very interesting singer. i think that she also has a very strong identity. she doesnt sound like anyone else. it is very difficult to describe the way she sings. she does her own thing. she has a way of delivering, with a very assertive sound, a very strong sound, but it doesnt sound aggressive. she has a great range. to me, she can really go from whisper to scream. she has that all-important voice quality, and its just wonderful to hear. she is quite a wonderful singer. i think that freddie and i took a lot from her. we took a lot from each other. thats what makes freddie and montserrat what they are. it was a very important relationship for both of us. i hope that people will like the album. i think that its a lovely album.

Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe - Barcelona [Special Edition] (2012)

the original release of freddie mercury and montserrat caballes album barcelona in 1987 was influenced by the euphoric freedom of ibiza and the seclusion of the islands dramatic cliffs. mercury and caballe exchanged letters in which they mapped out a musical odyssey, stretching across the whole of europe, with a tentative start in england. the albums first single was the haunting i could have been so good, and its video was released in the summer of 1987.


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