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The Website is intended for the following audiences in each respective country or region: In the U.S., public distribution. In Canada, public distribution. In the UK, professional clients (as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority or MiFID Rules) and qualified investors only and should not be relied upon by any other persons. In the EEA, professional clients, professional investors, qualified clients and qualified investors. For qualified investors in Switzerland: This information is marketing material. This material shall be exclusively made available to, and directed at, qualified investors as defined in Article 10 (3) of the CISA of 23 June 2006, as amended, at the exclusion of qualified investors with an opting-out pursuant to Art. 5 (1) of the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Services ("FinSA").

Black Market Exe


For information on art. 8 / 9 Financial Services Act (FinSA) and on your client segmentation under art. 4 FinSA, please see the following website: In Singapore, public distribution. In Hong Kong, public distribution. In Japan, Professional Investors only (Professional Investor is defined in Financial Instruments and Exchange Act). In Australia, public distribution. In Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, Institutional Investors only. In Latin America, institutional investors and financial intermediaries only (not for public distribution). In Mexico, institutional and qualified investors only (not for public distribution).

Mod now works with Take Hideouts, if you want to own your own hideout! Credits to ADamnSexyName, Dawa221 and Modbrowse for item models. Check out their stuff!The mod now features several gameplay changing effects (lots of thanks to 8thor8 and Bleyck)! Thanks for recent fixes by mylittletantan!Big thanks to 8Thor8 (from the Distinguished Service and Sergeants for Hire) and Bleyck (from Iron Will: Kleptomania and Wound Experience) and mylittletantan (from the Equipment in Encyclopedia, Tantans Tournament and Item Encyclopedia for helping me with scripts! Check out their other mods, they work very well with Scum and Villainy!Compatible with killing bandits raise relations! Finally a reason to clear the crime!I highly recommend downloading the Bannerlord Mod Launcher. Load orders are currently the biggest causes of crashes and launching the game through the direct .exe continuously changes load order for the worst.Translators: Now contains strings. Feel free to translate and redistribute!Banners by /u/Haedvig (Crimson Cartel), /u/jannoinks (Iron Fist), /u/Noslack8 (Seven Scimitars) and /u/iq4153333 (Kingslayers & Blackwater Pirates)!You can edit the config file of CustomSpawns to turn on debug mode. This will show you where parties spawn (in case you are impatient).You can download Ardonnay's Troop Changer if you want to recruit troops yourself in Towns/Villages (this is NOT a requirement of this mod, it is an additional feature).This mod adds new factions, save games without the faction in them will not be compatible.InstallationStep 0: If you had an old version, verify your game files! You may have old versions of SPClans.XML or SPCultures.XML.1. Install the Custom Spawns Clean API 2. Download the Scum and Villainy 22.0.1 mod for 1.5.2.!3. Extract the .rar into your Bannerlord folder and tick the boxes in the launcher for both the Custom Spawns Clean API (or Calradia at War) and the ScumAndVillainy mod (or install through Vortex).4. Don't forget to unblock the DLL if your windows blocks it! 5. Install Distinguished Service if you want to be able to get access to the new randomly generated companions with specific skillsets that you can hire at gang hideouts, black markets and slave markets.6. Optionally (may not be updated) download Ardonnay's Troop Changer (choose the correct version!) and the optional files on this page to allow the criminals to be recruited in towns/villages. If you are using this function, make sure to save and load the game after you start. Also please carefully read the mod page for more information.When you boot up the game, bottom-left should show the mod is functioning properly.Highly Recommended ModsTake Hideouts(run/buy your own Black Markets, Slave Markets or hideouts! Testing phase, so may crash!)Kill Bandits Raise Relations (works with all added factions!)Ardonnay's Troop Changer (to allow troops to be recruited in towns)Kaoses Party Sizes (change the party sizes of all Custom Spawns parties)Distinguished Service (Put those Scouting, Leadership and Trade skills of Spies, Overseers and Smugglers to good use! They make great companions!)Recommended ModsMovements of Calradia (another Custom Spawns mod, more neutral/helpful factions)Equipment in Encyclopedia (see what the new scum and criminals are carrying)Item Encyclopedia (look up items added by Scum and Villainy in the encyclopedia)Tantans Tournament (set up tournaments)Party AI Overhaul (allow your own gang/faction to only recruit criminals! You can do this by selecting the Brawler, Scum and Vagabond troop trees)Kleptomania (Complete your criminal record, steal from villages and towns!)Scum & Villainy: Organized Crime (The Underworld Rises)Developer: Fireman, 8thor8 & Anopey (for making CustomSpawns)! Additional help from nyanarchist (parts of dialogue) and ComradeCheekiBreeki (Pirate Captain)This mod requires the Clean API of the Custom Spawns mod:Nexusmods.comInstall it and do not forget to activate it in the launcher along with the Scum and Villainy module!Major props to Anopey!General InformationEver thought it was weird that gangs play such a big role in the cities, but there was never a sight of any organized crime? Well now there is!This mod adds organized crime to the game. Several new parties will roam the map harrassing villagers and caravans. Migrating clans will actually migrate to other cities and slavers will sell off their own children for profit. Smuggling and fencing stolen goods will be present on the overhead map.The Kingpin is the leader of the Crimson Cartel and rules the deserts and steppes of Calradia. The Robber Baron leads the Iron Fist and roams around in the Empire and Vlandia. Finally the Warlord rules the Kingslayers, who are readying themselves for a war against all kingdoms and nobility.All services offered by gangs and outlaws is on a "need-to-know" basis, which means that if you do not have enough denars to afford their services, you do not need to know about them. If you are visiting slave markets, bring prisoners. If you are visiting gang hideouts or black markets, bring enough coin to pay their fees or recruit their troops. If you are planning on visiting the Seven Scimitars of the Shiting Sands, you better have plenty of troops and coin to keep them at bay and offer their services to you.Special unique troops (Juggernauts, Warstompers) are extremely expensive, but if you look out for the special parties that spawn, you can imprison and recruit them for absolutely free. Additional unique troops (Deadeye, Impaler, Harvester) can be obtained from hideouts, pirate caverns and markets and are upgradeable with the Disciplinary perk (Rogue Hunters, Wild Woodcutters, Furious Fisherman).Additionally, more peasant parties roam the map. As bandit lure or as defenders.Features:1. New Hideouts (e.g. Gang Hideouts, Slave Markets, Smuggler's Den, Pirate's Cove)2. New Parties that spawn all through Calradia! (e.g. Vandals, Slave Catchers, Coin Collectors, Gang Patrols, Smuggler Caravans)3. New troops! In total three reasonable troop trees, adding a total of 50 units (with regional variations!).4. New events! Random events with huge riots, revolts and manhunts. Special troops appear through events!5. New gameplay mechanics! Sell slaves or fence goods, buy unique items and bet on brawling bums. Hire gang members to fight alongside you. Increase your party size by capturing and recruiting sultans. Hire unique troops and upgrade them with the disciplinary perk.6. New quests, collect materials to craft new items, collect bounties for Bounty Hunters from large, unique parties to increase your roguery skill!7. New vendors, weapons and items! Visit the black market for unique items only available to those with enough denars and roguery skill!8. Make denars by beating the odds at illegal arena fights in the Pits!Organized crime has more than five own troop trees. Below are the largest ones, but in total there are over 100 new troops! Each troop has at least eight item sets (most between 6-12), so that not all troops look the same while in combat. Read the information on the CustomSpawns mod for maximum compatibility. Thanks to Anopey for developing CustomSpawns.

Adversary Emulation frameworks like Brute Ratel and Cobalt Strike are marketed to penetration testing professionals (Red Teams) for use in legitimate penetration testing activities in which organizations seek to improve their ability to detect and respond to real cyberattacks. These frameworks are used to provide hands-on keyboard access from remote locations to emulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers in network intrusions.

The BlackPOS program first surfaced in early 2013[3] and affected many Australian, American, and Canadian companies using point-of-sale systems, such as Target and Neiman Marcus. The program was originally created by 23 year-old Rinat Shabayev and later developed by 17-year-old Sergey Taraspov, better known by his online name, 'ree4'.[4] The original version of BlackPOS was sold on online black market forums by Taraspov, under the name "Dump Memory Grabber by Ree", for around $2000.[5] The name BlackPOS was found in the software's administration panel.[3] 350c69d7ab


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